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How to arrange a day trip to Yandang Mountain

2018-04-05 11:12:12

Located in Yueqing City, Yandang Mountain is famous for its beautiful mountains and rivers. It is a typical representative of Cretaceous volcanoes in the giant volcanic belt on the edge of the Asian continent. How to arrange a one-day tour of Yandang Mountain?


Yandang Mountain, also known as Yanyan rock, because there is a lake on the top of the mountain, reeds dense, knot grass for swing, south to autumn geese more than live here, so the name Yandang, the whole scenic spot more, one day to play must have a choice


Yandang Mountain was granted the "National Geopark" in 2004, mainly including Lingfeng, Sanfold waterfall, Lingyan, Daliongqiu, Yanhu West stone beam cave, Xiansheng Gate, fairy Bridge -, Yangjiao Cave, Changyu Adit day, Nanxi River and other scenic spots, due to limited time, mainly to tour Yandang three unique (Lingfeng, Lingyan and Daliongqiu)


First: Get up early in the morning and eat breakfast from the earliest high-speed rail G7576, about 8:30 to Yandang Mountain station, get off and change cars about ten minutes to reach Yandang Mountain tourism distribution center Xianglingtou


Second: the main mode of transportation in the scenic area is mainly the scenic bus and taxi, in the ring Ling head to take the scenic bus first to Lingyan scenic area, about 20 minutes away, visited about 2-3 hours, at 10:30 to see the flying performance, very good, worth seeing


Third: at noon in the Lingam scenic spot to find a rest and dinner, and then take the scenic bus to reach Dalong Qiu, tour about one and a half hours, after the tour about 3:40 p.m


Fourth: After coming out of Dailongqiu, take the bus again to Lingfeng Scenic spot to see the day, which takes about 2 hours to visit, and you can return after sunset


After visiting Lingfeng scenic area about 6:30, due to the scenic bus (Pakistan) at 5:30 p.m., you can only take a taxi (about 30 yuan) to return to the high-speed rail station, catch the last high-speed train back to Yandang Mountain around 19:40


The total cost is about 216 yuan: Ticket: Lingfeng Scenic spot: 40.00 yuan Lingyan Scenic spot: 40.00 yuan Dalong Qiu Scenic spot: 40.00 yuan high-speed rail ticket: 56 yuan round trip bus ticket: about 40 yuan

Matters needing attention

Three seasons from May to November are preferred


Opening hours are from 5:30 to 18:00, subject to change due to season and weather, please refer to the notice for details