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How much is Bausch & Lomb solution

2018-04-24 04:48:28

For a long time, the news and comments on the price of contact lens care solution have never been interrupted, and many contact lens wearers will be confused about contact lens care solution. However, as a special contact lens care product, contact lens care solution makes the greatest guarantee for the cleanliness of the lens. Bausch & Lomb's multi-functional contact lens care solution products: Bolo pure, Runming Shumin, Runming Qing Clear, Runming protein removal, excellent quality. Bausch & Lomb solution prices vary. Of course, product types are only a small part of the different prices of Runming care solution, and the difference in product packaging specifications is the biggest factor in the price difference of Bausch & Lomb care solution. Like Runming protein removal care solution there are 500ml, 355ml, 120ml, 60ml four specifications, Runming and Qing clear care solution there are 355ml, 120ml, 60ml three specifications, small bottles and large bottles of the price difference is large, there is a related set of forms, its price is more advantageous.