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How does the fall of kingship reduce enemy archer health to 1

2018-04-22 11:12:12

How does the fall of kingship reduce enemy archer health to 1? See the following experience


In fact, there are two points in this battle, the first point is to ensure the survival of Mivie, the second point is how to turn the opposing archers into 1 point of blood, the first point is actually very easy to solve, we only need to use the dark Mirror card.


Use the Mirror of Darkness on the first turn, which will restore the Queen's blood to 17.


Then we will slowly grind the other archers to a little blood, and the second round will use the royal order, which will draw two archers.


This information comes from experience


Finally, using reinforcements, five archers were drawn out in an instant, and at this time, the blood amount of the opposing archers was adjusted.


Deploy two archers in the front row at the end, and deploy three archers in the back row, so that the opponent's card has only 1 health.

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