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How does the baby like to play a small temper?

2018-04-26 17:36:31

How does the baby like to play a small temper? As the baby grows older, slowly began to have emotional changes, but because of their lack of expression ability, so in the vent of their emotions often become a tantrum, screaming, rolling, throwing things, etc., are a way for the baby to express emotions, but always let the mother feel confused, do not know how to deal with the baby's temper.


As long as there is no danger, do not ignore the tantrum of the baby When the baby has a tantrum and hold its breath or violently hit the wall when this behavior occurs, it is recommended to take the baby to the hospital to see a doctor to rule out the possibility of disease. If there is no disease, it is better not to have him. Pay attention to observe, as far as possible to find the cause of induction.


Talk to your baby more, tell him how to deal with anger is not big, and parents should develop the habit of reasoning with him. In this process, no matter how noisy the baby, the parents must first not lose their temper, do not give in, and do not use bribes, slaps or threats to treat the baby's temper behavior.


When your baby loses control of his temper, you can put him in a safe room and tell your baby: "I love you. I know you're angry. You can hang out with me after you're angry here." If in a public place, decide whether to stay where you are or take him away from the scene as quickly as possible, depending on the situation.


Provide "angry toys" to vent bad emotions for the baby to buy a small drum, an inflatable monster as "angry toys", when he is angry, he can hit these toys to vent his frustration. If there is no suitable "angry toy", you can give him a pillow, let him hit this pillow to vent his frustration.


When a baby screams and cries, parents can scream in a different way than their baby: "I'm angry! I'm so angry!" At this point, his attention will be drawn and he may even start to imitate you. Then you scream a few times and slowly lower your voice, but say in a faster way, "I'm angry! I'm so angry!" Over time, your baby will understand that you don't have to be very loud to express anger.


Appropriate concessions, take a roundabout policy to change the baby when the baby loses his temper, parents must grasp their emotions, make appropriate concessions, remember to grasp the range of concessions, concessions can not be too large, can not be too frequent, otherwise, he is likely to develop a temper with you bargaining habits.


When the baby loses his temper, it is best not to confront him, you can consider letting him do something else, so that the baby's attention will be transferred to something else.


When your baby loses his temper, he may be completely out of control physically and emotionally, at this time you must calm down, try to hold him, let him calm down, to prevent him from hurting himself or others.


Avoid autocracy, be a popular baby's democratic parents parents should try to learn to look at the problem from the baby's point of view, give the baby more freedom, or guide him to decide some important things, so that his self-confidence will be improved, but also better growth of temper will be correspondingly reduced.