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How do you file insurance without an on-site insurance policy

2018-04-05 12:48:59

Driving friends all know that driving on the road, there will inevitably be some unnecessary friction, resulting in some wear and tear of their cars. In cases like this where there is an on-site situation, we are able to get insurance compensation in a timely and quick manner. But not all the damage of the car we can find the first time, like walking at night to touch something did not find in time, others hit us after the escape, this no scene of car insurance how to claim? Here's what to say


Take pictures or video

No on-site car damage can be claimed, but the amount of claims will be reduced.

1. When vehicle losses occur, because of some helpless reasons, there is no way to retain the scene, or did not wait to see the scene, and there is no insurance loss assessment personnel to survey the scene, such as the unilateral loss of the motor vehicle, 48 hours to the insurance report the loss, most insurance will give about 80% of the loss claims.


2. After the occurrence of a motor vehicle insurance accident, the insured should "try to take necessary and reasonable measures to prevent or reduce the loss", as long as a reasonable way to reduce the loss is taken, the car damage without the scene is a normal actual loss, and the insurance should give insurance claims.


3. It is better to notify the insurer immediately after an accident occurs, so that the cause, course and loss of the accident can be explained in writing ‍. If the insurer fails to notify the insured in time intentionally or due to gross negligence, which makes it difficult to determine the nature, cause or degree of loss of the accident, the insurer shall not be liable for compensation for the part that cannot be determined, except where the insurer has known or should have known in time the occurrence of the insured accident through other means.


4. Do not refuse or prevent the insurer from investigating the accident. If it is impossible to determine the cause of the accident or verify the loss due to the refusal or obstruction, the insurer shall not be liable for the part that cannot be determined or verified.

No accident site of the car damage claim process:

Report quickly: Most car insurance clauses stipulate that the insurance should be reported within 48 hours after the accident, otherwise the insurance has the right to refuse compensation. If you entrust someone to report the case on your behalf, you should also bring your ID card and the letter of attorney issued by the insured to report the case on your behalf.


Loss repair: Before repair, the accident vehicle must be assessed by insurance (the loss can be determined to the repair or 4S specified by the insurance, or to a qualified third party, but must ensure that all three parties are present) to verify the loss item and the amount; The damaged vehicle can be repaired only after the damage has been assessed.

Matters needing attention

Insurance must be filed within 48 hours


The damaged vehicle can be repaired only after the damage has been assessed


Wish you all a trip