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How do I use LOL Canyon Pioneer

2018-04-25 04:48:36

The LOL7.9 version of the Canyon Pioneer has made a big change, after killing the Canyon Pioneer, the Pioneer Eye will appear, picking up the Pioneer Eye will replace your ornament ornament bar, its passive effect will give you the same effect as the Dragon buff back to the city, and can also attract a Canyon pioneer to help you push towers and strike enemies.






First, kill the canyon pioneer. When killing the canyon pioneer, it is best to use the first A, and then wait for the eyes behind it to open, and then attack the back of it, and then the canyon pioneer turns around and opens his eyes, and continues to walk to the back of it flat A, repeat, so that the fight is more rapid, and in terms of blood consumption is less, after killing, pick up the pioneer eye.


Second, release the Canyon pioneers. On your own line or which strong line, click the jewelry button, that is, the usual 4 keys, and then click the left mouse button to release the canyon pioneer, in this process, it will take 3.5 seconds to guide the time, this 3.5 seconds, you can not move, so it is best to choose a safe position to release.


Third, the Canyon Vanguard attack. The Canyon Vanguard will attack the nearest target, if it's a pawn, it will attack the pawn, if it's a hero it will attack the hero, uncontrolled, free attack, as it approaches the defense tower, it will stop for a moment to accumulate power and attack the defense tower, and it will rush in with or without its own pawn in the tower, and then it will attack the defense tower, and if there are any minions in the defense tower, Then there will be no attack from the defensive tower, and if there are no minions, there will be attacks.


Fourth, the time of the canyon pioneer. There is no time limit for the Canyon Pioneer to disappear, it will persist until it runs out of blood, it is the same as at the beginning, the eyes behind it are its weakness, protecting the eyes can help it survive longer, when using the Canyon Pioneer, its own dragon buff will also disappear.


Fifth, the role of the canyon pioneer. Kill small soldiers or heroes, get the gold belongs to the callers, get the canyon pioneer in the early stage, you can use its attributes and heavy blood bar to achieve the tower and strong kill and push the tower, because the canyon pioneer's damage to the defense tower is particularly high, so it can be used to push the tower quickly.


Sixth, the use of canyon pioneers. If your side has a strong single-belt ability, then after getting the canyon pioneer in the early stage, you can completely let him take the canyon pioneer to achieve 4-1 zoning, you can quickly expand the advantages of the single way, if the single ability is also strong, you can quickly push to the highland tower, the early canyon pioneer can not only help GANK, but also help push the tower.

Matters needing attention

Not only has the Canyon Pioneer been improved, but the auxiliary equipment has also been significantly changed