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How do I record a screen with Camtasia Recorder?

2018-04-24 09:36:32

Camtasia Studio component provides a program Camtasia Recorder, can be used to record screen, camera, audio, etc., more powerful, then how to use Camtasia Recorder to obtain screen video? Below, Xiaobian to share with you briefly:


Camtasia Recorder


Open the Camtasia Recorder application. Usually located in the start menu Camtasia Studio component program, as shown in the figure:


Skillful use of shortcut keys, where F9 is Record and F10 is Stop, as shown in the figure:


The recording interface is as follows: In the select area, you can select the recording area, which is mainly divided into two categories, one is full screen(full-screen recording), and custom(personalized), wherein, the custom provides a drop-down menu, you can select the recording area and the recording application window.


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Full-screen recording is relatively simple, here is the introduction of "lock app recording", Camtasia Record provides the option of lock to application, click the menu, and then select the app window to record, you can lock the app window, press F9 to record, as shown in the figure:


The locking application will record the following effect: A green cursor will blink at the four corners of the window.


Press F10 to end the recording, display preview, then click save and edit in the lower right corner to save and edit, the editing page may pop up, according to the need to operate. As the picture shows:

Matters needing attention

Designed for foreign countries, Camtasia Studio is powerful, and the menu may not be Chinese, but it is not difficult to operate.


When recording, it is best to use the shortcut keys skillfully, F9 start, F10 stop.