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Hong Kong and Macao five-day Tour Guide/Hong Kong and Macao five-day Tour Shopping Guide

2018-03-11 17:36:00

To travel to Hong Kong and Macao, it is very helpful to have a detailed understanding of accommodation, attractions and itinerary before going. As follows, I will introduce the five-day tour guide to Hong Kong and Macao in detail, and the five-day shopping guide to Hong Kong and Hong Kong and Macao in the hope that it can be a reference for friends traveling to Hong Kong.

Essential tool information

A valid Hong Kong and Macao Pass for travel to and from Hong Kong and Macao must be endorsed by Hong Kong and Macao

Hong Kong and Macao five days with the group tour guide

Day 1: - Hong Kong: 8:00 AM, meet at the Departure Hall on the 3rd floor of Huanggang Port, then take the Huanggang shuttle bus to Lok Ma Chau, Hong Kong under the guidance of a professional tour leader, then take the tour bus to Hong Kong, first visit the most popular temple in Hong Kong - Wong Tai Sin (about 30 minutes). After the tour, drive to the international duty-free shopping (about 60 minutes) (here you can freely buy all kinds of imported medicine oil, imported food, all kinds of household appliances, etc.), lunch at Hong Kong or city restaurant at noon. After lunch, go to the "Avenue of Stars" on the waterfront Promenade in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong (about 20 minutes) This 440-meter long promenade showcases the century-long history of Hong Kong cinema, and the handprints and plaques of Hong Kong film celebrities can be seen along the way. Then to the world famous chain brand DFS International global duty-free (about 45 minutes), there are a number of high-end world famous brand stores such as LV for tourists to enjoy and choose, tourists can choose the favorite gifts to take home friends and relatives. After that, visit the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Wing and Golden Bauhinia Square on Hong Kong Island (about 20 minutes), which is a witness of Hong Kong's return to the motherland. Group members can take photos next to the "Bauhinia Flower in full bloom" and the reunification monument. Then go to the world famous Ocean Park (about 3 hours), where the world's largest aquarium, shark house and ocean theater, dolphins, sea lions, killer whales and other wonderful stunt performances; There are all kinds of exciting motor rides, such as roller coasters, Ferris wheels, pirate ships and so on. After the tour, take Asia's longest outdoor climbing elevator down to visit Jigu Village ## In which you feel like walking into a time tunnel, reliving the history of China's past 13 dynasties, there are art and crafts demonstration, street performances and so on. After the tour, have dinner at Home Lok Yuen. After dinner, take a sightseeing boat tour of Victoria Harbour at the City Pier (about 45 minutes). Enjoy the magnificent night view of Hong Kong by sightseeing boat along the peninsula and the north coast of Hong Kong Island. Ride back to drink rest after the tour. Reference wine: (Hua Yi/Qing Yi/Sheng Yi)


Day 2: Hong Kong - Disneyland Theme Park (after breakfast + Disneyland theme Park + you can add RMB70 yuan to purchase the park's Chinese meal voucher) Agreed time for breakfast (use Tsing Yi Tai Lok), arrive at Hong Kong Disneyland around 10:30 after breakfast (all day, about 5:00 PM) : Walk through the Sleeping Princess Castle and come to the American Town Street full of early 20th century American style, you will inevitably slow down the pace, enjoy the smell of baking and candy, admire the elegant and nostalgic buildings on both sides. In a fantastical world, captivating stories and eternal lands are brought to life. You can also explore the world of adventure and explore the infinite mysteries of the universe in Tomorrowland. Travel through time and space, integrate into the fairy tale world, fully feel the joy brought by Disneyland, relive the dream of childhood, gather at the designated time (about 5pm) to return to the wine rest, such as the return trip outside the agreed time by the guests themselves. Reference wine: (Hua Yi/Qing Yi/Sheng Yi)


Day 3: Free day in Hong Kong. (Excluding food/car/tour guide) Reference wine: (Hua Yi/Qing Yi/Sheng Yi)


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Day 5: Macau - Gongbei wine about breakfast in Macau, after delivery to Gongbei (most arrive at Gongbei about 9:00-10:00), the trip is successfully concluded (can add RMB80 yuan/person return delivery)

Hong Kong Macau group shopping guide

Group Tours to Hong Kong and Macao are generally designated shopping places, most of which are genuine goods, friends who need them can buy, friends who do not need them can have a look by the way, it is not forced shopping, if forced shopping, you can call complaints,


The general shopping point is DFS International global duty-free (about 45 minutes), if you are not satisfied, you can find a travel agency to call travel agents to give you a return.