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He's really. What's that about me crying to death

2018-05-14 16:00:52

This meme is a comment made by the up main lex fan ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ silk after the lace was banned, an ungodly stereotype. Because the true feeling is full of the flavor of F circle, it is also used as a negative textbook to make sentences and overturn the boat, which is used to anti-Yin and Yang. The complete game content is: he really, why there is so, I really cry to death, I will not describe, he is really good gentle. As fans of lex feel that they have suffered such rough treatment and bear inexplicable grievances, they have expressed their love, in such a mood. Because the emotion is too sincere, but it is also clunking, so it will be used as a negative textbook by everyone, more or less ironic meaning, their own products. The origin of the terrier: Terrier (Pinyin: g � ng), a network term, often appears in variety shows and the Internet. The so-called "stem" means the joke, and laying the stem is to pave the way for the joke, which is a misuse of "straight" characters. In general, memes are used for popular variety shows, animated TV series, animated movies, live-action TV series, live-action movies, graphic novels, video games, etc. The meaning of the word "terrier" is constantly expanded and extended, to a certain period of time, to a small plot episode, and even the fragments that occur in the story can be called "terrier", "height terrier", "classic terrier", "face terrier", "romance terrier", "creative terrier", "humorous terrier" and so on.