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Hailing Island walk heart tour guide

2018-03-09 22:24:00

The fourth largest island, more than 310 sunny days a year warm in winter and cool in summer, the bathing beach can be used normally for eight months a year from June to September is the best time to visit, sunny days more temperature is good, seafood is also the best season to pay attention to sun protection, because ultraviolet rays are really a little strong!!


Unrestrained mood


Of course you need a car to drive yourself


I'll take you, you take the money


Food, clothing, housing and transportation we inverted!! Okay, we flew directly and rented a car and drove! Rent to see models!!! We rented a polo car and it can be less than 200 a day! From here, take Shen-Hai Expressway - Luosu-Port Exit -S277 direction of Hailing Island to Hailing Island. We live near Shili Silver Beach


Stay! To Hailing Island, it is five o 'clock in the afternoon, the only requirement for accommodation is the sea view room than the price of living is Qizhou holiday apartment we nine people two cars lived in a villa one thousand one night a person about one hundred standard room about one hundred!! Really a sea view room!! Invincible Sea View Room!! For an inland dog is really too happy wine in the ten Li Silver Beach, facing the sea behind the golf course..... Eighteen holes to about six hundred, although compared to a few hundred cheaper.... But still can not play!!! The next morning, the beach was empty and the water was blue!!!! It's like going back to playing as a kid


Bathing if the first day to the nearest ten Li Silver Beach, a little less people and facilities are also OK to go to the Big Horn Bay on the second day, the traffic should be OK we are driving, but still see a lot of sightseeing cars and motorcycles... There is also a museum near the wine, I go to a place first generally is the museum feeling is still very good 80 a person, like to brush the museum do not miss! Eat!! For an inland dog, to the beach to see the sea? Is it to play in the water? No, no, no, the most important thing is to eat seafood...... Hate!! Why don't I grow by the sea!!


Zhaopo farmers market, to buy!! Buy whatever you like! Do you know how cheap it is!! A few crabs!! All kinds of shellfish!! In the shell!! And the adorable mantis shrimp! Processed meals are available right out the door for a very low fee.... But the charges are too low... We were embarrassed to order something else. To the top of my throat! A year's worth of seafood! In the morning, the reception desk recommended a local famous, a little off, but it took ten minutes to drive to the pig sausage roll one piece five or two, nine people ate sixty pieces, and the local people looked at us with changed eyes


It's so delicious!! I forgot to take a picture. All the pictures on the Internet look the same! Must try it! And fish balls! Fish noodles! Fish rice!! Fish noodles are delicious!! Call the fish noodle! Tap!!!! You get it!! Knock yummy knock!! Clothes well, very clean in fact, a pair of two or three sets of short sleeves are enough to use girls in addition to prepare a beautiful swimsuit is good finally hope that this article can bring you help! Also wish you have a good time!

Matters needing attention

Last but not least! Pay attention to sun protection!! Really!! You can really get burned!!!!!!! if you don't pay attention to the sun protection