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Grand Cherokee car stereo modification

2018-04-06 20:48:54

Production of the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee marks the rebirth of Chrysler. From the advent of the first generation of Grand Cherokee in 1993 to the new Grand Cherokee we see now, the middle has experienced four generations of changes, the first feeling of the new Grand Cherokee is to become exquisite, elegant, young, and worthy of people's comments or thinking. The owner usually likes DJ and rock, and the speaker of the original car is good, but there is no subwoofer, the diving degree of the bass is still lacking, and the navigation of the original car is miserable, ah, the navigation is turned off when driving, very unstable and so on. So this time we want to change the DVD and add a bass.


Modification configuration:


Host: JEEP remodel


Power amplifier: Fred VF1.400 single-channel power amplifier push bass


Subwoofer: Hertz EBX250


Sound insulation and noise reduction: Sadie gold sound insulation material four-door single-layer sound insulation + rear box sound insulation


The large cut door panel is not easy to remove, the buckle is very tight, and it will take some effort to remove it.


Because the thick layer of rubber plate on the door panel is not easy to disassemble, you can only rely on the two small holes on the door panel to paste the inner layer of sound insulation, but every part of the door panel must ensure that it is firmly pasted.


The effect of the original car horn is still very good, so we recommend that the owner do not change the horn for the time being, but we can still come to see what the original car horn is like.


The outer layer of the door panel does not need to be soundproofed, so after pasting the inner layer of sound insulation, the horn is restored to the four doors.


Large cut vehicle imported to Hong Kong, the original machine head were removed and replaced by domestic Tianpai machine head. Many owners of these 11 big cut DVD suffering, the owner reflected that the DVD navigation is turned off when driving, very unstable simply can not be used and so on. There will be no more comment here, take a look at the disassembled DVD image.


Jiayi Field (Jeep) after minor changes installed on the big cut, fundamentally solve the big cut DVD problem.


Rear trunk sound insulation, by changing the trunk sheet metal resonance frequency and sound insulation treatment, solve the noise caused by weak trunk resonance, turn the trunk into a solid structure!


Unlike many cars, the power supply is under the passenger seat, and the audio modification is to walk another line without destroying the original car line and connect the insurance protection equipment.


Fred VF1.400 is a small size and large power class D power amplifier, after many attempts under the seat is not installed, so installed in the rear trunk of the spare tire placed next to the fully save space does not affect the interior.


Finally, the bass of the Hertz EBX250 comes on stage, the original delicate box, the thick and slightly domenical shape, the thick and coarse bass effect, the decoration of men.