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Fire shadow hand games fly segment death by blood analysis: good operation is very powerful

2018-04-05 16:00:20

Fei Duan, one of the "Xiao" members, code three (). Originally a ninja from Tangyin village in Sichuan, he is bold, verbose and arrogant. He believes in the cult of evil God and is a loyal believer of the cult of Evil God. He and Horn are collectively called the "undead duo", and are nicknamed the "zombie duo" by the shark. Flying body is flexible, and has the ability to die, can curse opponents and their own equal damage, but it is easy to kill yourself! Once and Kakudo teamed up to defeat two tail people column force two by the wooden people, kill the guardian Ninju one of the twelve Di Lu and ape fly Asma, and was finally buried alive in the deep hole of the deer forest by Nara deer Maru.


Recently, "Naruto" mobile game has also joined the flying section (death by blood), set as A level. Its performance on the PK is very bright, the general attack range is large, the consumption capacity is good, and it has brought a new anti-injury mechanism. The operability of the flight segment is very good, and the corresponding difficulty is not very small. Let's talk about the move, hand and combo strategy of the fly section.


General attack: The determination range of the flying section (death by blood) general attack is very good, the scope of the first and second sections on the X axis is almost close to the full screen, and its hand speed is fast, the front shake is short, there is a pull back, so it is a comprehensive performance is very good general attack; Fly Sickle: Another X-axis ability with a near-full screen range and a long duration, it is one of the main export skills of fly section. What you need to know here is that you should pay attention to long press the tap key to recover the March sickle in time, and you must master this operation at ordinary times. Curse Ritual: A new anti-damage mechanism. By itself, it allows the fly section to do more damage over and over again, while also dealing backdamage. When the health of the flying segment is consumed to a certain extent, especially after half blood, its effect will be more impressive. Fear of death: meaning skills, not only high output, but also a large range of judgment.


Starting strategy 1. General attack hand: The judgment range of general attack is very good, the scope of the first and second paragraphs on the X axis is almost close to the full screen, and its hand speed is fast, the front shake is short, and there is a pull back, so it is very suitable for starting the hand and playing the enemy a control hand. 2. Fly Sickle: The effect is similar to normal, but the damage is higher. However, the rear shake of the fly sickle is longer, so pay attention to press the tap key in time to recover the March sickle when necessary, and we must master this operation at ordinary times. 3. Secret roll skills: Flying section is a typical consumable ninja, gradually killing the enemy based, so the limited walk type or hand type secret roll skills are more suitable for him, can play a good effect. Water escape, water tornado, fire Escape, crack bomb, etc


Combo select Secret volume skills + Common attack + Common attack + Fly sickle + fear more death pole


The choice of mirage by the psychic animal can increase the movement speed of the flight segment and has a strong auxiliary effect on the movement of the flight segment. The consumption capacity of the flight segment is very strong, but it does not belong to the type of resistance or survival, so the movement speed is still more critical for the flight segment. The MIRage output and range were also good. Toad fairy can cause rigidity to the enemy, and the duration is also relatively considerable, which is more conducive to the continuous consumption and output of the flight segment, Toad's rigidity and the flight segment together, but also further limit the enemy's position and choice space. The Toad Fairy also has a good output and a wide range of judgments, so it would also be a good choice.