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Exam teacher qualification certificate of children's shoes should pay attention to matters

2018-03-12 11:12:00

Now many students do not pay attention to the details of the exam process, in fact, many examiners are looking at the details. On my personal experience of many interviews to tell you.




Words and deeds


1, test teacher qualification certificate written test is the interview, then the interview needs to pay attention to what details


2, the first is to choose the clothes above, if you are interviewing a preschool teacher, then you can wear a lively bright point, remember not to be too leaky, it is best to tie, appear spiritual, wear light makeup. If it is an interview primary school junior high school teachers had better wear formal clothes, appear dignified, short hair can be slightly manageable and smooth, long hair can be tied in half, the following is worn, if the dress is best three centimeters above and below the knee, but also wear light makeup.


3, details, into the interview room, remember to knock on the door first, give the examiner a better first impression, and then say class with a smile, can not be expressionless, say after the class is best to bow to show respect, and finally if you have on the blackboard before leaving the exam will wipe the blackboard clean, the details are handled well, 90% can succeed!


4, finally say a few words of advice, straighten out a good attitude, do not be nervous, imagine that the examiner is a teacher like you, why the teacher should be afraid of the teacher, stand up, speak, I believe you will succeed!

Matters needing attention

Don't wear too much makeup


Don't wear fancy clothes