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Endocrine disorders cause harm to women

2018-04-23 22:24:37

The human body has an endocrine system, which secretes various hormones and the nervous system, which together regulate the body's metabolism and physiological functions. Under normal circumstances, all kinds of hormones maintain a balance, and if this balance is broken due to some factor, it will lead to endocrine disorders.


Many endocrine diseases are usually reflected in menstruation, from the menstrual cycle, menstrual color, menstrual volume, etc., you can judge the endocrine situation.


When menstruation is too late, it usually indicates abnormal reproductive system development; Menstruation and stop after the endocrine abnormalities; If severe dysmenorrhea, there may be abnormal uterine development, endometriosis and other phenomena; In addition, there may be symptoms such as obesity and hirsutism, which may be polycystic ovarian syndrome. These diseases are usually related diseases that affect women's normal fertility.


Endocrine disorders cause harm to women:


1, irritable temper: menopausal women often have irritable temper, mood changes, which may be caused by the decline in endocrine function.


2, skin deterioration: many women's beautiful face suddenly appeared a lot of macula, color spots, often use a lot of beauty products, but in fact, this is not only a simple skin problem, these spots and endocrine abnormalities and by external factors adverse stimulation has a very system.


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4, gynecological diseases: women can not have children, endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, etc., these are gynecological endocrine diseases, breast diseases also have a great relationship with endocrine disorders.