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Do you know the secret of identifying mahogany furniture?

2018-04-14 14:24:28

With the increasing scarcity of mahogany raw materials and the rising market price, mahogany furniture is increasingly sought after, mahogany furniture is synonymous with luxury and taste, although mahogany furniture many people love, but "mahogany furniture how to choose?" This is a lot of people are most concerned about the topic, in order to allow consumers to choose their own heart, the next Tang knot the best and latest identification method to tell you.


See, touch, hear, smell


1. Style perception method: remote view modeling design mahogany such as beauty, its form is very important. We should use the overall shape of the furniture we feel visually, and maintain a certain distance from the furniture to observe its shape design, whether the structure is reasonable, whether the proportion and size of each component are coordinated, and whether the appearance lines are smooth.


2. Pattern appreciation art method: After reading the shape of the craft wood grain from a close distance, it is necessary to see the carver of the mahogany furniture, and it is necessary to look well at the pattern on the mahogany furniture. Look at the thickness and density of the composition of the flower pieces, the symmetry of the depth and size of the lines, whether the trend of the wood grain is clear, and whether the smooth and soft is from the inside of the wood. Whether the component lines or decorative patterns are clean and crisp, delicate and vivid, dynamic and outstanding, or sluggish and weak, rough and flawed.


3. Skin hand touch: feel smooth and smooth after reading the shape and pattern, we should also feel the feel of the mahogany furniture. Touch the surface, bend position, arc position and circle position of the furniture with your hand to feel the roundness and fluency of the furniture. (1) Plane: Use the palm of the hand to relax the surface, rub the wider plane back and forth, feel its degree and smoothness. Use our skin to properly feel whether the "skin" of mahogany furniture is smooth enough. (2) Bending position: Walk with your hand to contact the bending position of the interface of the furniture to feel whether the handover is smooth. (3) Arc position: Move along the pattern with your fingers to feel whether the arc position of the flower is smooth and smooth. (4) Circle position: Rotate the cylinder of the furniture up and down with your hand to feel whether the cylinder is smooth and smooth.


4. Percussion acoustic method: listen to the sound structure closely read, touch finished, we also have to listen to its "sound". Tapping the furniture panel with your fingers can feel its thickness from the vibration; By tapping the position of each component of the furniture with your fingers, you can hear the tightness of the structure; You can also move the furniture so that its landing part is gently touched with the ground to listen to the tightness of the sound discrimination structure. If the sound is floating, it is bad. Knock, listen, good and bad in it!


5. Smell and taste method: Taste wood and lacquer Chinese medicine pay attention to look, smell, ask, cut. For mahogany furniture, we have seen, touched and listened, but don't forget to smell! Take a good sniff with our noses! Wood has its own unique taste, different, even the same kind of wood, but also because of its growth rings and water content of different, their wood flavor has a strong and light point, if the use of high water content of wood made of furniture will be mildew sour taste. The more fragrant the wood texture is the better, from this aspect can identify the wood drying treatment and the use of paint is good or bad. If the paint is used, it will not only have no odor, but also make the wood grain more vivid and clear.


6. Human verification method: After looking, touching, listening and smelling, we have to verify the human body. Mahogany furniture is not only comfortable in the sense, but also pay attention to the use of comfort, so in the selection of furniture, especially the selection of chairs, must sit down, feel the overall comfort, and then from the seat height of the chair, and then from the seat height of the chair, the back of the chair, armrest three factors to comprehensive experience. (1) The height of the chair sitting surface is close to the length of the lower leg of the person. The height of the chair determines the comfort of the user. (2) The back of the chair should be attached to the back of the person, so that the user's spine is good. (3) The height of the armrest is to feel comfortable with both hands on the armrest when the person is sitting on the chair. END