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Do you know the 8 taboos in Thai customs

2018-04-03 12:48:36

1. Don't pat their head Thais believe that "head" is the highest part of the body, either literally or symbolically. Therefore, they are not allowed to pat anyone on the head, even if it is a friendly gesture. Similarly, observing Thai social gatherings, young people will deliberately lower their heads in front of older people, down to no higher than the height of older people, so as not to leave the impression of "looking down" on them. Admittedly, this is not always possible, but their efforts are appreciated. 2. Do not hug, kiss or shake hands easily in public. It is considered against local customs. In addition, nude sunbathing is permitted only on certain beaches, and in other places, Thais do not like the practice, which is not illegal, but contrary to Thai Buddhist ideals. Thai men and women pay attention to giving and receiving, even when dancing in public, the body can not touch. 3. Important things can not be held with the left hand Thai people believe that the right hand is clean and the left hand is unclean, and the left hand can only be used to hold some unclean things. Therefore, holding important things in your left hand is frowned upon. Left-handers can not pay attention in daily life, but definitely not in formal occasions. In more formal situations, it is also presented with both hands, and using the left hand is considered contemptuous of the other person. Thai people eat with their right hand, and also use their right hand when handing something to others to show respect. If you have to use your left hand, you should first say, "Left hand, please forgive me." 4. Don't sign in red pen Thai people don't sign in red pen because after they die, they have to write their surname on the top of the coffin with a red pen. Thai people love red, yellow, taboo brown. People use colors to indicate different dates: Sunday is red, Monday is yellow, Tuesday is pink, Wednesday is green, Thursday is orange, Friday is light blue, and Saturday is Burgundy. People often dress in different colors according to different dates. White used to be used for funerals, but now it's black. 5. Can't pick water lanterns Thai people in the Thai calendar in December every year when the full moon to hold Loy Krathong festival, which is Thailand's most lively festival. When watching the water lamp, we must pay attention to the fact that no matter how exquisite and beautiful the water lamp is, it must not be picked up, otherwise it will be severely punished. 6. Do not wear sunglasses when talking with people do not wear sunglasses when talking with people, gestures should be moderate, do not point at each other. When passing in front of others (whether sitting or standing), one must bow to show that one is sorry for having to do so. This is especially true when women are walking in front of others. 7. Do not wear shoes near temples or Thai homes When entering Buddhist halls, Muslim temples or private homes, visitors should take off their shoes and be careful not to step on the threshold. Before visiting the Buddhist temple, check your clothes first. Those who are bare-chested and wearing shorts and vests are not allowed to enter, and even those who are not tucked into their pants and have their sleeves rolled up on their arms are not allowed to enter the Buddhist temple door. Visitors should take off their shoes before entering the temple, otherwise, they will be considered as contaminating the temple. Tourists who act inconsiderately towards temples, Buddha statues or monks are considered to be guilty. Be especially careful when taking pictures of Buddha statues. Never climb up to take pictures of Buddha statues. 8. You can't gamble in alcohol Thailand bans gambling, even if the wine room can not play cards or mahjong