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Do a good job in the studio routine and skills?

2018-04-03 22:24:54

Live broadcast is now very rising, but live broadcast is not an easy thing, here, I will talk about the routine and skills to do well in the live broadcast room.


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To the room: Under the rules, if the audience gives you a few Buddha jump wall, or rockets, you can give each other a room.


To: If the audience gives you how many gifts, you can add to the anchor, to attract the audience to give you gifts.


Take water friends on the car: When playing games, you can take water friends together with five rows, of course, send lobster priority on the car.


Interactive barrage: Answer what the audience posts in the barrage, or call down the barrage and ask them to button 1.


Open the game: you can open the win or lose, or single and double, let the audience bet with bamboo, win you can get bamboo.