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Common ways to prevent and cure hair loss and hair loss

2018-04-23 03:12:40

A head of black hair, not only give others a good impression, but also a kind of beauty, then we get back to business, cut into today's topic "prevention and treatment of hair loss, hair loss common methods."


Hot and cold water: I want everyone to wash their hair with warm water! In fact, after washing with warm water, we should rinse our hair with slightly cool water, which can tighten the scalp tissues and prevent hair loss and scalp relaxation.


Eating red dates: everyone has heard of "three a day 栆, life is never old", of course, it is a bit exaggerated, but it has the function of treating hair loss, it is recommended that you eat 10 cooked red dates before going to bed to prevent hair loss.


Sichuan pepper soaking wine: it is estimated that many people know that Sichuan pepper soaking wine can cure hair loss, put the right amount of Sichuan pepper in the liquor with a relatively high alcohol degree, 7 days later, use a cotton swab to smear on the scalp, it is recommended that many times a day.


Yogurt: When you are assured of hair loss, you can buy some quality guaranteed yogurt in the supermarket, do not expire, counterproductive, we get it to apply on the scalp, it is recommended that you apply it before going to bed at night, it can not only alleviate hair loss, hair loss phenomenon, but also let the hair grow rapidly.


This article is based on experience


Emotional relaxation: We find that people who are under a lot of pressure in life, and people who are emotionally tense or depressed are prone to hair loss and hair loss, so it is recommended that we maintain a normal heart or a happy mood in the face of setbacks, there are no obstacles that can not be overcome, there will always be a way to solve.