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Chu Liuxiang mobile game evil value how to improve, how to reduce?

2018-05-14 01:36:12

Chu Liuxiang mobile game inside there is a criminal value system, block your criminal value is too high, there will be a fast arrest you, so, block your criminal value is too high, how should you reduce the criminal value?


How to get the evil value: In the game, as long as you find a person, and then keep pushing and pushing and bumping, and then they will enter the battle state, after the other party's name turns red, that is, into the battle state, you can pk with the other party.


It should be noted here that when pk is carried out, it is very likely that your task role will be killed, so there is a certain risk that if you kill the other side, you can increase your own evil value.


View the evil value: as shown in the picture, click the icon on the right side of the icon, and then click the pop-up icon of the tabs below to enter the tabs view interface.


Then you can see how much your crime value is here, there are four levels of crime value: slight, many crimes, heinous crimes, evil full of this level, the higher the level, the more dangerous, there will be a quick arrest you.


Reduce the value of sin: coolie confession, there are several types: strict law, county officials, pillow good wind, servitude, these four ways to sell coolie to reduce the value of sin, click on the corresponding position to enter the task guidance interface.


Burn incense and worship Buddha: there is only one task to reduce the evil value, click the icon position, the character can automatically find the way, need to buy incense to reduce the evil value.

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