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Car paint, glass double-sided tape removal tips

2018-05-12 09:36:47

If you feel distressed because the surface of your car has double-sided tape and is not clean, now teach you an absolutely practical cleaning method, without buying any cleaning tools. You just need to prepare an appropriate amount of boiled water (just boiled), then use a towel, pour the boiled water on the place with double-sided tape, and pour some on the towel, be careful not to burn your hands, and then gently wipe the towel with the double-sided tape, repeat over and over until it is clean. This method is easy to draw materials and will not have any damage to the paint and glass of your car, if there is a friend in this situation to try it.


Just boil the right amount of water


A clean towel


This page is based on experience

Matters needing attention

Be careful not to burn your hands