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Can You Escape? Game clearance guide, the fourth level of graphic guide

2018-04-13 04:48:44

Used to playing shooting class, tower defense class, fighting class games, do you want to change your taste, play some brain games? Let their IQ is no longer worried, after passing is simply envy envy hate? ! Room escape games are now more and more popular, and even the real room escape playground has opened a lot of homes, we do not have to go out to play, with can achieve. Next, we will complete the latest 3D decryption Escape game "Can You Escape?" Can you escape?" Can You Escape? Can you escape? In the fourth level, the clues related to escaping the room are: wine cabinet, curtain rope, colored glass bottles, stools, cardboard boxes, a secret box on the ground in the center of the room, a secret box under the flower pot, and a key hole to open the door. We can see that the color of the "colored glass bottle" should be entered on the "wine cabinet password" button, and it can be opened. From inside, we can get a "wine opener" to the flower pot side. We will move the "flower pot" away and see a "secret cell", and use the opener we just got to open the cover of the secret cell. Use the "dagger" to separate the rope of the carton and open the carton, you can get a "flashlight" : Drag the "stool" out and you can see a "battery", we can install the "battery" into the "flashlight" : we take down the "curtain rope" next to the curtain. Came to the center of the room on the ground of the "dark", still use the "wine opener" to open the lid, inside the black can not see anything, with the "flashlight" down to see a key, get the "key" inserted in the keyhole next to the door can successfully open the door: then this pass we pass!