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CAD introductory graphic detailed explanation

2018-04-04 20:48:55

We often use CAD drawing and celestial drawing, but do normal learning white people know how to use them to draw basic drawings? The following small series teaches you how to use CAD to draw basic drawings, I hope to help you!




cad software


We first open two kinds of drawing software, basic drawing, first draw the axis network, and then select "wall - draw wall" to add the wall line, and use the mouse to draw as needed.


After the drawing of the wall line is completed, we add doors and Windows, select "doors and Windows - doors and Windows", the system will pop up the door and window adding command window, we can set various properties.


After setting the doors and Windows, move the mouse to the corresponding position of the wall line, the system will automatically appear prompt, after determining the position, click the mouse to determine the position, and output the doors and Windows.


At the bottom of the upper left window setting window, we can switch to add parts, doors or Windows, click "window", start to add Windows, select the appropriate position and click the mouse.


When we finish the drawing of the corresponding plan, CAD will establish the three-dimensional model of the whole drawing. We can click "look down" in the upper left corner of the drawing and adjust the Angle of view, so as to obtain different drawings.


In the pop-up Angle adjustment option, we can choose a variety of different angles, most of which are elevations of architectural drawings, and some of which can see three-dimensional models, which can be selected according to needs.