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Bronze Mountain Grand Canyon scenic area tour guide

2018-03-12 01:36:00

Bronze Mountain Grand Canyon Scenic spot is a mountain scenic spot integrating Jinxiu Village with adventure entertainment and leisure conference. Relying on the long history and culture of the first Buddha in Qilu and the unique natural landscape, the scenic spot has been upgraded, whether it is a good place to play and enjoy the scenery in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the transportation is also very convenient. Xiaobian will introduce the tourism strategy of the Bronze Mountain Grand Canyon.


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Friends who come from other places to play suggest getting off at the West Station is more convenient


You can directly take a taxi to the Bronze Mountain Grand Canyon, address: urban Zhong Gong Town Jinxiu village No. 38. You can also take a bus to the bus line: from Zhong Gong take No. 809 bus to Laozhuang, you can reach the Bronze Mountain Grand Canyon Scenic spot.


I recommend a road trip or a bus charter, which is easy and fast, but also enjoy the scenery along the way, after all, the location of Bronze Mountain Grand Canyon is known as the "back garden".


The scenic area plans the first Buddha in Qilu, China, wall, Moon, God of wealth, walking Zen plank road, glass plank road, Splendid Palace Cave, Galaxy commercial street, Galaxy waterfall, Galaxy restaurant children's paradise, 7D glass bridge in the air, glass slide and many other attractions. Through reasonable planning, enhancement of lighting, rich integration, classic refining, the establishment of blessing holy land, Jinembroidery Township - secluded valley, strange gorge, Fuyuan fairyland tourism culture brand, will present a new look to the world. Today, there is a "thousand years of Buddha, blessed land, on the ladder, into the cave" said, the mountain is high and the water is long, solemn and sacred, brilliant and lofty, the atmosphere is thin and spectacular. It takes a lot of time to start from scratch!


Bronze Mountain Grand Canyon is to charge tickets, viewing tickets adults 105 yuan/person/time, preferential tickets 70 yuan/person/time, glass suspension bridge, glass slide and other entertainment items are charged separately, cave, children's paradise these do not need to pay additional fees, it is recommended to buy tickets more economical. Ticket adult 160 yuan/person/time, discount ticket 130 yuan/person/time, of course, online booking can also enjoy other concessions, support online booking.


Entering the gate of the scenic area to Li 'en Square first, the eyes are the Great Buddha seal and China, and the gurgling water.


Along the small stone steps continue to go up you can see a moon old is located in the middle of the pool, longevity Mountain, the wall, the life Buddha Square and so on too many attractions, these attractions are unique!


Walking Zen plank road along the mountains and built around, winding mountains, some along the wall of the climbing along, some across the mountain between the river, some shuttle among the trees and vines; Or steep straight up, twists and turns, twists and turns.


The glass walkway is the first wall-hanging glass walkway, about 130 meters from the ground and 280 meters long. The glass walkway uses ultra-white fine ground toughened laminated glass. The Bronze Mountain Grand Canyon glass Walkway is also the longest glass walkway around.


Unique stalactite cave, currently open about 1000 meters, constant temperature 18℃, super cool in summer, super cool. A variety of stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone curtains, as if entering the fairyland of Yaochi, is the best choice for summer heat cool.


7D glass bridge is 356 meters long, about 130 meters from the ground, set in the middle of the circular eight diagrams, glass bridge built between two peaks, steep cliffs, the middle of the canyon across, when the wind and the sun, stepping on the bridge, as if the wind and dangerous, when the clouds are deep and heavy, the bridge suspended in the sky to enjoy the scenery like walking in the clouds, like clouds. For those who are afraid of heights, look up, scream, or look straight ahead, holding the railing is the right way to open


With a total length of 480 meters and a height drop of 88 meters, the glass slide is thrilling.


The whole scenic area of Bronze Mountain will take about 4 to 5 hours, there are farmers on the mountain, you can rest and eat, there are also selling local specialties, of course, relatively affordable.

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