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Boxing pedal Latin dance should choose loose and seamless T pants

2018-03-13 11:12:00

T pants, that is, in the perineum and other delicate skin, it is only covered by a rope thick cloth belt, it is easy to friction with the skin, causing local skin congestion, swelling, damage, ulcers, infection, there are some thong pants in order to have a personal effect, made of chemical fiber materials with poor permeability, easy to cause skin allergies. In addition to inducing gynecological diseases such as vaginitis, too tight thong underwear will also compress the blood around the anus, increasing the chance of women suffering from hemorrhoids. But some sports are suitable for wearing T-pants oh: boxing, pedal gymnastics, Latin dance. Reason: These sports are a great opportunity to show your body, so choosing a "big look invisible" T pants is essential. On the lead stage, neither male nor female coaches are willing to let the underwear line steal the spotlight of the body line under the tights.