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Betta Fish live how to make money! How do you make money?

2018-04-03 11:12:35

In 2015, live broadcast platforms mushroomed everywhere, large and small live broadcast platforms appeared on the Internet, and now netizens like to watch meinv live, game live, outdoor live. Now this scene is very much like the cps video 5 years ago, although different but similar, the former video platform in order to make money, a variety of X chat, now some female anchors for money, but also no lower limit. Most of those cps league videos that went viral on the Internet were fake. There's real video, too. Some say the league brought in little. Sister to do X chat, and now some people say that meinv live is also looking for retired small. I did it for the money. There's no line. Relative to our rich net earning forum most are men, there are people who want to make money through the live platform may wish to take a look at this article written by East Zhe. All kinds of live platforms are no longer cumbersome, search too many stations appear, how to sign! How to sign. You are not famous, two do not have the strength to show others, naturally will not give you a contract, after all, we are to attach to them, here I will say a personal idea of East Zhe, may you do not feel good if you do not hit eggs. First of all, you can start from Youku and be your own net celebrity. People red right and wrong, red after to sign. Of course, you can sign up for outdoor live streaming, which is all about meeting girls on the street, wilderness survival, fishing, mountain climbing. Our rich forum talented friends may wish to talk about history, talk about small knowledge to do this kind of media is also good. Of course, this one can't go to the live streaming platform. Do network red, do live, in fact, is to get a trick to attract people, there are also plays in the forum, but also on the hot, so that traffic can be led to, those who do meinv live a lot of traffic is to guide, group and so on. Many apps can be used to make money, it depends on how you use it. Play friends I suggest that you can through the Internet, to try to take this kind of small video, the text into video, funny, you will be red. When it's red, you get paid