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Ancient town travel experience sharing

2018-03-09 14:24:00

[Introduction] : At the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, the orange forest of the ancient town outside the city, far from seeing the dots of red in the green cluster, near to see the rich fruit trees bend, so this has become the location of the TV series "Orange Red". Overlooking the scenery, enjoying the pleasant aroma of oranges, the autumn of the lake can definitely be drunk...


A lot of orange trees, all over the mountains, pieces are. Looking from the foot of the mountain, the orange forest around the mountainside is like a red belt, no wonder the location of "Orange Red" is located here. Orange is indeed delicious, as early as the Tang Dynasty was listed as tribute, varieties of early red orange and red orange, collectively known as Dongting red. Dongting red orange skin yellow, juicy, sweet and slightly sour, pleasant smell. Early red orange generally begins to turn yellow after the Mid-Autumn Festival, and when the Double Ninth rice is ripe in September, it is orange and red because of its "early red skin is thin and ripe". The red orange can be ripe and picked after the start of winter, and the storage time is long, and the color and flavor are unchanged. During the Spring Festival, the red orange is still in the market, which is a popular product among oranges. The great poet Bai Juyi once said, "Dongting Gong oranges should be fine, and the emperor should be diligent." As the day grows, the smell of AGAR becomes frost." A poem praises it.


In view of the entrance fee of 50 yuan is required to enter the ancient village scenic spot in Luxiang, for this reason, the cost of orange picking activities is divided into two kinds: one is only to pick oranges and feel the natural scenery. The fee is 20 yuan/person, directly with the farmer settlement. The villagers take the tourists into the village, each person is given a bag, tourists can eat at the picking site, pick a bag by themselves, about 5 kilograms. Second, in addition to picking oranges, you also need to enter the scenic spots to visit, the cost is 50 yuan/person, and Jianshan Hall settlement. Jianshan Hall will buy tickets for the scenic spots of Luxiang Ancient Village for tourists at a discount, and pay the farmers' picking fees. The picking method is the same as above.


The carved building must not be seen: more than 100 movies and TV dramas such as "Painting Soul", "The Richest Man" and "Originally You" are filmed here, because its architectural style and carving art are representative of ancient buildings declared as national intangible cultural heritage "Xiangshan Bang", which is praised as "the first floor" at home and abroad.


Next, you can go to the nunnery to enjoy the clay masterpiece - the Southern Song Dynasty folk sculpture master Lei Chao and his wife's work: sixteen clay painted Luohan statues, these statues are proportionate, different faces, vivid. The sculpture is famous for the three treasures of "Discerning eye, Jing cover and Hua cover", and it is also the first one of the "two and a half classes of Arhats in the world".


When you are tired of visiting, take a rest in the piedmont garden, which is Qiyuan (also known as Xijia Garden). The garden is built near the mountains and by the water, the park is hidden mountains and lakes, easy to move scenery, both the small twists and turns of the garden, but also with a thousand hectares of green waves, 72 peaks of the magnificent spirit, known as the "first garden".


Most of the rest of the time, walk on a mountain road, go to the ancient village of Luxiang good hair daze, eat fresh lake, live in a farmhouse! A good place always has a unique vision of the directors to start quickly, here is also the film and television works "Orange red", "Red Pink", "Shake, shake, shake to the Outer Borneo Bridge" and other filming. Luxiang ancient village is the hometown of the prime minister Wang Jia at the beginning of Zhengde in the Ming Dynasty, known as the "first ancient village", the back mountain faces the lake, the east is Moli Peak, the south is Biluo peak, the west is, the Southern Song Dynasty gradually into a village, the Ming and Qing dynasties celebrities. Ten years ago, the ancient village in the Ming and Qing dynasties high halls and huge houses row upon row, a village actually claimed to have "72 halls and a half." There are more than 30 halls of Ming and Qing Dynasties in the village, which is the most numerous and well-preserved natural village in Wuzhong ancient architecture group. If you want to find a place where you can enjoy tea, you can go to the village Jianshan Hall to sit for a while, where there are green brick walls, green brick ground, bluestone table, the courtyard is simple and quiet, and the flowers and birds outside the courtyard are very suitable for visiting the ancient and enjoying tea.