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6 things you should never do in the bathroom, especially the second one, which is too dangerous

2018-05-11 14:24:49

You need to shower, brush your teeth, and go to the bathroom every day, but you know what? A medical scientist in the United States told us that the risk of cancer in the bathroom is the highest in the house, because the bathroom stores too many chemicals. So, for the sake of your own health, these 6 things don't do Oh!

Bathroom tips

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Many people put 84 disinfectant, hand sanitizer, wipe liquid in the bathroom, but the bathroom is often narrow, the air is not circulating, and the humidity and temperature are high, easy to cause air pollution. In particular, some disinfectant water contains dichlorobenzene, long-term inhalation can stimulate the respiratory tract, induce cell mutation and lead to leukemia, lung cancer and so on.


The bathroom door is often open in order to maintain ventilation if the door is opened for a long time, the fresh air outside will come in, but it will also blow the bacteria and mold lurking in the bathroom directly into the room, thus forming a messy "internal circulation". People live in such rooms for a long time, and the incidence of respiratory and skin diseases is much higher.


The shower head with the mouth open is actually a hotbed of germs, and the water heater is also the place where the most bacteria can hide. Therefore, when rinsing the head, it is best to close the mouth to prevent bacteria from entering the body through the water flow.


Many people have no lid on the paper towel bucket next to the toilet, and because the bathroom is much more humid than other places, it will contain a large number of harmful bacteria such as intestinal bacilli, and the bacteria multiply relatively fast, so you should try to put a trash can with a lid.


There is usually a toilet, toilet or garbage can next to the sink, and the instantaneous cyclone in the toilet can carry germs or microorganisms up to 6 meters in the air, and suspended in the air for several hours, and then fall on the wall and toothbrush. Therefore, it is best to put the toothbrush in the drawer or cabinet.