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6 days self-help tour guide

2018-04-04 06:24:41

There is the title of the south of the rainbow, and the colorful, called so many fun and good-looking places, of course, the city of the province is such a city, the following introduces the two cities self-help tour guide for reference.


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, clothing and other items


DAY1 -- 1, the first day to play, the village pier, Chongsheng three towers scenic area (to tickets, do not want to go in the gate Chongsheng Road on the line of good scenery), these attractions can be good fun on the day. 2, night shopping night view.


DAY2 -- 1, the second day around Erhai to play, you can take a sightseeing tour bus (can also charter) around Erhai Lake near the main gate, and finally you can rent a tram (electricity up to 10 kilometers around Erhai Lake has more than 90 kilometers), if you have physical strength not afraid of altitude sickness and even ride a bicycle. 2, night shopping night view.


DAY3 - You can go to Cangshan during the day (remember to take the cable car, do not take the path) to play most of the day back to go, there is still empty can play black park first.


DAY4 - During the day, first take the map to turn around the streets and alleys, visit Mu Fu (charge) and Lion Rock, turn around to take a day to slowly play and take photos.


DAY5 - Today to Yulong Snow Mountain (more than 20 kilometers away), you can charter a bus or south gate to take a tour fast class, the economy is good to Yulong Snow Mountain, lake and performance all see it, afraid of cold rent a dress and bring oxygen cylinder.


DAY6 - The last day, like can also go to Dayan, you can also go to the city sea wetland park to play (the idea of buying regular tickets to beware of being cheated), like climbing can also go to Wenbi Mountain scenic area to play.