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2018 Indonesia Travel Guide

2018-03-10 00:00:00

Here is the southern hemisphere dream land, is the "Thousand island country", everything here is an unforgettable cultural feast. Recommended visit: 7 days. The best period is from May to September, which is the dry season for diving, climbing and snorkeling.


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Bali is a tropical longing in everyone's heart. Slow down and discover the subtleties of Bali in the midst of cozy leisure and hidden luxury. Recommended visit: 4 days. The dry season (April to September) is the prime time to visit Bali, and is also the best time for diving, climbing and riding, and there are many festivals during this period, such as the Bali Art Festival in June, the Bali Ancestral Festival and Indonesian Independence Day in August, and the Kuta Carnival in late September.


Jakarta is the soul city of Indonesia, where the history and civilization correspond with the modern culture. Recommended play: 1 day. Every year from May to September for the dry season, less precipitation, suitable for travel.


If Bali represents the romance of the sea, then Yogyakarta represents the glory of Javanese civilization. Recommended visit: 2 days. There is no set time of year in Yogyakarta that can be the best time to travel. But probably the best is during the dry season. Travel is best arranged between May and September. Tourists traveling during the dry season should prepare insect repellent. At this time, especially around the time of the seasonal change, the weather can be very hot...


It's a huge city, noisy and busy. It has all the qualities of a modern city, but also has little corners full of fun. Recommended play: 1 day. May to September is the dry season, suitable for travel.


Bali can not hide its light of the Indonesian island, beautiful and quiet bay, white and soft sandy beaches, majestic active volcanoes, vast green volcanic lakes. Recommended visit: 4 days. The best season to visit is from April to November, when Lombok is in the dry season. December to March is Lombok's rainy season, and mountaineering is prohibited.

Matters needing attention

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