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2015 health qualification examination review experience sharing

2018-04-23 11:12:05

The health qualification certificate examination has ended in 2015, and now share with you the successful experience of the health qualification certificate examination. I hope you can get a good result in the health qualification examination in 2016.


First, check the gaps, good at summarizing and understanding their review progress, on the basis of their own induction, and then compare with the teacher's comprehensive and systematic summary. Compare with each other, find out the missing and missing, analyze the reasons, so as to improve their own induction, further strengthen the understanding of knowledge, and share the review plan with the teacher, so that the teacher can give reasonable suggestions, and thoroughly understand and master all the basic knowledge. Through self-study induction and checking omissions and shortcomings, the main thing is to convert the previously learned scattered, individual and isolated knowledge into systematic knowledge, so as to produce a qualitative leap in the understanding and mastery of knowledge.


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